5 Easy Houseplants You (Probably) Won’t Kill

We absolutely love how the growing popularity of flowers and houseplants drive people to accessorize their homes with our vintage vases. Like others, I’m absolutely in love with The Jungalow and a ton of plant lover accounts on Instagram. However, when I first took the leap into indoor plants, I started with some easy houseplants that I hoped to be able to keep alive. It takes a little attention and a lot of love, but you too can achieve a lush interior.

Where to Buy Houseplants

I found three of my plants at a local nursery, and a few at Ikea as well. I also received one as a gift, which was purchased from Bloomscape. It’s a super cute plant startup that makes easy houseplants accessible to all. In case you don’t have a local plant source, I’ve linked each one to their shop for online plant ordering! Their plants come already potted with soil, which is great for beginners!

5 Easy Houseplants You (Probably) Won’t Kill

Easy Houseplant | Pothos | Home Decor - Mass Over Matter

1. Pothos

Not only does this easy houseplant look lovely with its heart-shaped leaves, but it also helps purify the air in your home! I love the “climbing” capability of this plant as it grows.

Snake Plant, Sansevieria | Easy Houseplants | Mass Over Matter

2. Snake Plant

This indoor plant looks amazing in modern and contemporary spaces due to its unique, architectural look. (Botanical Name: Sansevieria)

5 Easy Houseplants | Majesty Palm

3. Majesty Plant

This is surely one of my favorite (unexpectedly) easy houseplants! It’s one of those that truly gave my space a “jungle” vibe and looks gorgeous as it grows.

5 Easy Houseplants | Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant | Mass Over Matter

4. Rubber Tree Plant

I love the deep rich color of the burgundy variety of this easy houseplant! Give it some bright light and watch it flourish and fill a whole corner with time.

5 Easy Houseplants | Philodendron | Mass Over Matter

5. Philodendron

Another heart-shaped stunner with vine-like growing potential. I also love the huge leaves on the larger variety.

What are some easy houseplants that worked well for you and your space?

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