Modern Vs Vintage: Alabaster Grapes

Our modern vs vintage series aims to show the beauty in alternative options to new item purchases (which we admittedly also love). Primarily in the form of sustainable vintage options.  

Alabaster Grapes

I absolutely adore the elegance and element of surprise that comes along with alabaster grapes. You reach for them, expecting to be able to squeeze, and are met with the feeling of smooth stone. They are classic pieces that look amazing in a modern home.

 Realistic marble or stone fruit, such as these grapes, have been a part of home decor since early in the 20th century. A large portion of these items, first made of white marble, were produced in Italy. As time passed, of course, quality began to diminish and now, a large portion of “realistic” fruits are made primarily of plastic. However, a love of and longing for that classic Italian marble still remains.

The Modern:

Global Views Bella Grape Sculpture

These lovely clusters come in a small size for $199 and go up from there. The larger sizes cost around $400. One thing I do love about this brand is that they aim to be pretty conscious and sustainable and use recycled materials in parts of their process such as shipping.

The Vintage:

Vintage Alabaster Grapes Cluster

M/M Vintage Green Alabaster Grape Cluster

These gorgeous grapes have such dynamic coloring. I love the copper leaf, which really sets a tone and would look amazing in a space with the same chosen metal accent.

Stone Street Stories Alabaster Grapes

I absolutely love the subtle color orange to yellow gradient displayed in these large alabaster grapes.

Which do you prefer, the modern or the vintage?

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