How To Mix Vintage Home Decor with Modern Style

It’s understandable to ponder how to mix vintage home decor with modern style in your space, as it’s a question we get often! It’s also something that people tend to overthink! So many “modern” items are modeled after vintage ones. And our aesthetic in the Mass Over Matter shop isn’t the kind of old kitschy vintage that looks outdated in a space. A great piece is a great piece, whether from the 1940s or the 2000s. Let’s dive into a few of our favorite tips for mixing in some vintage home decor.

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When You Need A Piece, Simply Think Vintage

So, you find yourself in need of a decor item, maybe a vase or maybe a coffee table. The simplest way to incorporate vintage home decor into a modern style is to stop buying new when these needs arise. Instead, think thrift stores, travel finds, antique shops or online vintage. This is a great way to start trickling in some dope vintage pieces, even if they aren’t huge main items.

Stick To A Color Scheme

We all love mood boards on Pinterest, and it’s for a reason. Color schemes can be the major key to tying a space together. Even if items are from different styles and eras, if they are all of the same color palette, it doesn’t look like chaos. So, browse palettes to your heart’s content and keep it in mind when shopping. While doing heavy home decor accessories shopping, I kept my mood board as my phone wallpaper!

Size Matters

You can debate when this rule applies or not, but trust us that it does when it comes to your vintage home decor and modern mix. Scale is always important so that no single item overpowers another. You don’t want larger than life vintage items such as large dressers or tables unless your space can take them without minimizing your other items. Balance is key, so also remember to mix in items evenly. No vintage on the right, modern on the left type scenarios.

Never Buy A New Accent Chair

Accent chairs are my favorite type of vintage furniture. When it comes to these pieces, I always choose to go vintage! It’s your one chance to make a major statement, so why not pick a really unique piece? Chairs from so many popular eras, from Bauhaus to Mid-Century flow well into a modern space.

Get Inspired

Here are some of my current fave found examples of vintage or vintage-style decor in a modern space.

What are some vintage home decor items that you’ve recently mixed in with modern items?

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