Mass Over Matter Antique + Vintage Sourcing Services

Mass Over Matter provides two unique sourcing services to assist you in finding the perfect antique and vintage items for your personal collection, or clients. 

Online Sourcing:

For this antique and vintage sourcing service, we will follow any provided guidelines and budget. This service has a quick turnaround time of 1 business day, as we know one-of-a-kind vintage purchases can be time sensitive. Per requested item, we provide 2-5 options (varies due to rarity and availability of certain items) and you'll be sent links for each.

Applies To:
Antique + Vintage Decorative Accessories
Antique + Vintage Furniture Pieces


Small Decorative Accessories: $25/item
Medium Decorative Accessories: $50/item
Furniture + Textiles: $100/item


Vintage Shopping Trip:

For this antique and vintage sourcing service, we will use a mix of both online and in-person shopping to acquire the unique items you desire. Once acquired, we'll ship items to you, which is why this service is limited to decorative decor only - and excludes furniture pieces.

Applies To:
Antique + Vintage Decorative Accessories


$300-500 + Shipping Costs

Ready To Source?

Contact us with details below to receive a sourcing form and instructions. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have!